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For your first PCBA layout, if you are not 100% satisfied we will not charge for the service. We have full confidence that we will deliver above and beyond your expectations.

Our Services

Solutions from A to Z.

Our objective is to provide solutions through all phases of product assembly. Prototyping can lead to production, which can lead to end product box-build. Green Circuits’ goal is to support the transition between these stages and to offer the services required in doing so.


Prototype (% of all assemblies)


Production (% of all assemblies)

With production, we offer a wide array of additional services to provide as much of a complete product as possible.


Box Build (% of all production builds)


Testing (% of all production builds)

Speed and quality working hand in hand.

We understand quickturn around time on prototypes can be the key to reducing your time to market. This is why Green Circuits has a dedicated team of professionals and equipment to support your new product prototyping needs. We offer both turnkey and consigned material prototype models.

Flexibility is key.

Timing is important. We understand there are deadlines to meet and schedules to follow. As such, we offer our services as quick as same day turnaround and as precise to meet daily, weekly, monthly, and annual time frames. Our expertise as well as our high level equipment allows us to be flexible and to work with customers in meeting their goals.

Turnaround time:

Same day / 1 day to 3 day

5 day

10 day and up

Production & Supply Chain Management

Managing the supply chain is critical to controlling costs and ensuring your product is delivered on schedule. At Green Circuits we employ smart sourcing techniques allowing us to achieve on-time delivery and inventory turnover measurements far in excess of the industry average. We have created alliances with our supply base implementing vendor managed inventory programs to reduce our costs so we can reduce yours. We review your Bill of Material and create a custom solution specific to your cost objectives. Our advanced material planning solutions allow us to make real-time scheduling decisions to mitigate both our liability and yours.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We offer a broad range of manufacturing capabilities from simple single sided assemblies to complex densely populated fine pitch and BGA surface mount assemblies. At Green Circuits we have designed each of our manufacturing lines to achieve maximum performance in various technology sectors. While the lines are customized, we chose common equipment platforms to allow efficient New Product Introduction and rapid transfer to production. We offer high level assembly or box build with various supply chain solutions. Our products can go from your dock to stock or we can provide drop shipment direct to your customers. Whether you have high-mix, low-volume supply chain problems or cost pressures for higher volume product Green Circuits has a solution to make you successful. Your difficult supply chain issues are our specialty.

RoHS Support

Defined, stringent RoHS manufacturing processes and procedures
Lead free equipment line set up
RoHS validation equipment (currently being evaluated)
Assistance in defining RoHS compliant transition strategy for customers
Perform RoHS compliant BOM scrubs
Locate alternate compliant parts
MRP controlled compliant and noncompliant material
Material control and segregation in the stockroom

Material Management

Stockroom and MRP management of consigned and turnkey material


Surface Mount
2800 pin count BGA
0201/1005 passive component
0.3/0.4 Pitch
PoP Package
Flip-chip under-filled
BGA Interposer/Stack-up


BGA rework
Engineering rework
BGA reball in house

Manufacturing Services

Quickturn 1 day service
Prototype/medium volume production
Complete box build/direct ship to end customer
System integration

Testing Services

Faxitron X-ray
Functional test at board level
Functional test at system level
Flying Probe/JTag


DFM feedback
Program Management reporting
Component engineering service