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Fabricated from the highest grade materials.

We are experienced working with PCB materials including conventional PCBs, HDI PCBs, flexible PCBs, rigid-flex PCBs, backplane assemblies, and IC substrates.


Isola FR4, 370HR, Polymide

Nelco 4000-6, 4000-13

Rogers 4003, 4350, 445

Surface Finishes

Immersion Tin/Gold/Silver

Entek 106A organic

Hard Gold


Layer count 2-56 and Line width/space 0.003

Micro Via – Blind or Buried Via Structures

Via in Pad

Aspect Ratio 14:1

Solder paste enhanced with precision.

The XACT 4 SI can be used for the application of solder paste and / or glue onto PCBs, ceramics or glass substrates up to a size of 508 x 508 mm (20 x 20 inches). The well known standard EKRA screen and stencil holder has a flexible design which allows it to be used with all common stencils / screens up to 740 mm (29 inches).

  • Alignment repeatability: ± 12.5μm @ 6 Sigma
  • Cycle time: 10 s + print
  • Printing area up to 508 x 508 mm (20 x 20 inches)
  • 2 independent pneumatic driven print heads with precision proportional valves with closed-loop control
  • Flexible screen and stencil holder for all common screen / stencil sizes up to 740 mm (29 inches) without additional adapter.
Best flexible system for high-density placements.

The ultra-flexible KE-2080 can place a wide range of components from 1005/0201/0402 and ICs, to odd-form, all at industry leading accuracy and speed.

  • Board Size: up to 510×460mm
  • Component Size:
    • Laser Recognition: 0402 ~ □33.5mm
    • Vision Recognition: 1.0×0.5mm*3~□48mm or 24×72mm
  • Placement Speed (chip): 
    • Optimum: 0.178Sec./chip(20,200CPH)
    • IPC9850: 16,700CPH
  • Placement Accuracy:
    • Laser Recognition: ±0.05mm(Cpk≧1)
    • Vision Recognition: ±0.03mm
  • One multi-nozzle laser head (6 nozzles) plus one high resolution head (1 nozzle)
  • Vision centering system (featuring bottom, side, and back lighting, all ball recognition and split recognition)
Maximum thermal performance.

The OmniMax platform offers a combination of industry proven technologies in an easy to use, reliable and efficient reflow system for high-end production requirements.  From lead-free to hybrid processing, the OmniMax 10 zone oven delivers high performance thermal processing.  The OmniMax sets the standard in innovative technologies that save on lowest power and nitrogen consumption rates.

  • Uses a dual IsoThermal chamber approach that produces ∆T’s less than ± 2°C within 7 and 10 zone ovens (air or nitrogen)
  • Standard conveyor system supports a 20” (508 mm) process width
  • 10 zone process capability and control
  • Nitrogen replaces oxygen and provides greater profile flexibility and widens the process window
  • Prevents oxidation of solderable surfaces (promotes wetting) and of the molten solder, allowing for reduction of void levels
  • Stronger solder joints and shiny finish
The most powerful and advanced cleaner in the market.

Aqua Klean Systems introduces the Typhoon T-8 Chemistry Zero-Discharge Cleaner, a new way to clean RMA, No-Clean, and Water Soluble (OA) fluxes. The T-8 incorporates an adjustable chemical injection pump to assist in keeping chemical wash concentration consistent.

Equipped with 10 HP wash and rinse pumps, and two 15 HP turbine blowers, the Typhoon T15’s performance is unmatched.

Typhoon T-8 Chemistry Cleaner:

  • Adjustable chemical injection pump for consistent concentration
  • Dynamic air blow-off to allow water free chemical isolation
  • Proprietary nozzle for correct flooding and impingement need to solubilize flux residues.
Typhoon T-15 Water Soluble Cleaner:

  • Equipped with 10 HP wash and rinse pumps and two 15 HP turbine blowers (4 rinse sections and 2 dry sections)
  • Fits boards up to 24″ wide
Advanced inspection machinery with outstanding defect coverage.
Vi Technology 5k SPECTRO:

  • Capabilities include presence, absence, polarity, placement accuracy, solder joint inspection
  • Accurate tilt and coplanarity measurement of ICs, connectors, and passive components
  • For post print, mixed mode, pre reflow, or post reflow applications
Assembly to completed product.

Services include conformal coating, bonding, utilizing the most innovative approach for product application. Our focus is on customer specific needs unique in design, form factor and packaging. Complete system integration, product testing, and burn-in are part of the complete product package.

Outside services provided in-house.

The Conceptronic Freedom 3000+ printed circuit board repair station is designed for component rework, low volume prototype reflow soldering and process development. The Freedom 3000+ machine structure is accurate, rigid, and stable in order to repeatedly place and solder SMT components.

  • 1200W convection nozzle
  • 1200W underboard heater
  • 5000W honeycomb preheater
  • 80mm square maximum component size
  • Placement accuracy to better than 0.001 inches
  • Handles both grid array and leaded type components. (BGA, CGA, QFP, LCC, TSOP, FLIP-CHIP, and many others)

The XT V 160 is specifically designed for use in production lines and failure analysis laboratories. Real-time X-ray allows them to intuitively navigate complex printed circuit boards and electronic components and quickly trace defects. In automated inspection mode, samples can be inspected at highest throughput.

  • Geometric magnification: 2.5x – 2,400x
  • System magnification: up to 36,000x
  • Tilt: 0 to 75 degrees
  • X-ray spot size: 1μm
  • Imaging system: 1.45 Mpixel 12-bit camera with dual field 4″/6″ image intensifier

The Takaya APT-9411 series is a flying probe test system for detection of manufacturing defects on printed circuit boards using 4 high speed in-dependently moving probes, thus removing the requirement for a conventional bed-of-nails fixture.

  • Contact probes: 4 flying probes (top), 2 fixed probes (bottom)
  • Test speed (at 2.5mm pitch movement):
    • Combination: Max. 0.04 ~ 0.06 s/step
    • Single: Max. 0.10 ~ 0.12 s/step
  • advanced vision test system
  • 24 x 20″ board size capacity
  • open and short IC identification
  • detect wrong/bad components
  • checks for wrong polarity