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For your first PCBA layout, if you are not 100% satisfied we will not charge for the service. We have full confidence that we will deliver above and beyond your expectations.

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"Green Circuits is devoted to providing the highest quality service, and we accomplish this by understanding the customer's value of the product. "

− Ted Park (President)
Based in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Green Circuits is a lead-free full service contract manufacturer for the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry with a focus on prototyping and high mix, medium volume assembly. Founded in 2006 the company provides high speed, precision assembly of all types of printed circuit boards and specializes in quickturn manufacturing services where reduced time-to-market is essential to the latest technologies to meet the demands of both lead free and leaded manufacturing.

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Highest quality service.

We are committed to achieving sustained business excellence by integrating quality principles and methods into all we do at every level of our company. Green Circuits’ goal is to anticipate and meet customer needs while exceeding their expectations. We will relentlessly improve how we work in order to deliver the highest quality product and most innovative solutions faster and more cost-effectively than our competitors. Green Circuits follows the Six Sigma Quality System.

Mission & Vision

We are building a powerful and innovative company fueled by extraordinary customer insight and service and differentiated by accountability, ownership and commitment. The company lies on a foundation of hard work ethic and driven philosophy. In all we do we are guided by our four core values:

Passion: We are determined to be the best at understanding what matters most to our customers, our people, and the communities where we live and work. We are driven to consistently deliver products and services that exceed expectations.

Initiative: We encourage our people to seize opportunities boldly. We reward results and we strive to continuously improve our performance and increase the value we bring to the marketplace.

Integrity: We nurture a culture that values and builds trust. We strive to always deliver on promises and to be honest in all our dealings inside and outside of our organization.

Passion: We are individuals who work side by side as teammates to achieve the company’s winning purpose and satisfy customer needs. Through trust, support, and mutual respect we know we can count on one another and solve any problems we may encounter.